Single point of contact and accountability

Alia offers a Customer Service Representative as a single point of contact to every customer and handle all their logistics needs.  

Extensive staff knowledge and operational expertise

The professional Alia team works closely with every customer and recommend appropriate solutions that save time, control cost and accomplish the required tasks on schedule.

One-stop integrated services

Its end-to-end integrated supply chain solutions create value and deliver measurable results for every customer.


Alia being a privately owned SME still is able to adjust quickly to its customers’ dynamic product, operational and logistical needs and offer tailor-made solutions.

Economy of scale

Alia’s global operation with its partners is large enough for it to negotiate favourable terms with carriers and vendors.  This enables the company to secure competitive rates and pass the cost savings on to its customers.

Industry Knowledge

At Alia, the team is always ready to offer customers expert advice and professional service on all matters relating to their cargo concerns, be they importing and exporting, freight forwarding or logistics.  The experienced team which keeps up-to-date to the latest development in the supply chain sector offer a their clients continuity in service and professional advise at all times.